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Yes -- A well-funded, well-thought out scam. Prices are just below what you can realistically find elsewhere, but not so low that many will realize it is a scam right away.

Auto-generated catalog website with some pages (like discount coupons) that they never bothered to change from the template, but which stands up to a casual inspection. Most importantly, they proactively put up wordpress and yahoo answers sites of "is vyons a scam" and "is vyons a fraud" and then pre-populated them with fake reviews, even going so far as to post some negative comments saying deliver was good, but slow, to allay suspicion of those that they are taking. A little investigation into their website, their domain registration, etc, causes the facade to crumble, but better than most scams. They were even smart enough to avoid direct credit card fraud, so the big-boys won't have any reason to come after them.

I didn't get taken, but feel for those that did.

I figure these guys are probably in Russia, but hold out hope that maybe they are not and will be arrested and reamed in prison soon.

Posting this so that hopefully this page can climb higher in google search results and displace some of the fake q&a pages

Reason of review: Not as described.

I didn't like: It is a fraud.

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