Hampton, Arkansas

Ordered 75" TV for really low price ($1574) , bought Amazon gift card, Amazon processed it and within 2 hours notified me they had canceled transaction, and then Discover contacted me to warn of problems they had with Vyons. I Offered to buy product COD but could not get response from "customer support".

Kept checking "google" to see if it was in fact a scam and I think I am finally convinced that it is. Received another email from Vyons today that item might be removed from its "special price" status if I did not follow thru and purchase the gift card

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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Ordered a camera through them on 11/28 and it still says "processing". Emails have gone unreturned.

We used an Amazon gift card. Did any of you get your products?

to donna Sacramento, California, United States #913120

I ordered mines on 11/27 and never got my item. mine still says processing also.

no email replies back or anything.

SUPER FU**ing pissed right now. Amazon gift cards should have a guarantee for scams and fraud for a limited amount of days.

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