Hampton, Arkansas

Ordered 75" TV for really low price ($1574) , bought Amazon gift card, Amazon processed it and within 2 hours notified me they had canceled transaction, and then Discover contacted me to warn of problems they had with Vyons.I Offered to buy product COD but could not get response from "customer support".

Kept checking "google" to see if it was in fact a scam and I think I am finally convinced that it is.Received another email from Vyons today that item might be removed from its "special price" status if I did not follow thru and purchase the gift card

Reason of review: Problems with payment.


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Ordered a camera through them on 11/28 and it still says "processing".Emails have gone unreturned.

We used an Amazon gift card.Did any of you get your products?

to donna Sacramento, California, United States #913120

I ordered mines on 11/27 and never got my item.mine still says processing also.

no email replies back or anything.

SUPER FU**ing pissed right now.Amazon gift cards should have a guarantee for scams and fraud for a limited amount of days.

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